Lithium based batteries do not have the long cycle life needed for stationary renew energy such as solar and wind. Instead Inogen is developing together us Spanish Battery Company E22 a novel V-based Redox flow battery. V-Flow batteries are heat tolerant system so that they do not have explosion risks at high temperature. They have unlimited charge cycles and full power cycle life and 100% depth of discharge (DOD) during all the usefull life of the project. It even offers the possible recovery of the electrolyte for feature projects.

50 kW

P50 is the smallest of the E22 VCUBE series. This electrical 50kW energy storage system is an electrochemical all vanadium product with 4 hours of energy storage ready to discharge at rated power.

It comes fully packed in an standart 20' container and includes for Remote Diagnostic and Continious Monitoring of all parameters, including the State of Charge (SOC).

This tiny unit is prepared to perfectly integrade with all kinf of Renewable power sources in a vast variety of applications, such as isoluted microgrids, grid connected buildings and also utility-scale solar and wind facilities.

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50Kw Features

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250 kW

This electrical energy storage system is a vanadium electrochemical product that accumulates several hours of energy storage. The system is integrated with in a modular block from 250 to 330 kW that allows the parallel connection of several units to each other, this having the requested needs. 

The solutions are delivered in complete containers and include Remote Diagnostic and Continious Monitoring of all parameters, including the State of Charge (SOC).

The package has dynamic response <70 ms form maximum charge to maximum discharge.

Product life exceeds 10000 cycles at full power and 100% Depth of Discharge (DOD).

250kW Features

Battery Management System (BMS)

E22’s Battery Management System (BMS) has been designed to manage E22’s VRFBs systems. This control system has the flexibility to enhance the battery performance, adapting the Auxiliary Power consumption to the minimum level to maximize the Battery System Efficiency. Also, E22’s BMS can adequate the E22’s VRFBs electrochemical behavior to any energy and power application.

One distinctive feature of the E22’s BMS is the ability to analyze and diagnose the component’s State of Health and immediately send an internal info to LEMS (Local Energy Management System), and EMS (Energy Management System), to activate a preventive maintenance. This type of alarm info so generated by the BMS prevents that the identified event raises to an Emergency Stop System event.

This state-of-the-art control system comes along fully integrated with the E22’s VRFBs systems and it’s not commercialized separately.

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